FavGeek and COVID-19

At FavGeek, we strive to give our customers satisfaction and peace of mind when they drop off an item with us. That’s why we want to remind you of the process your items go through when you drop them off with us.

  1. Any item that comes in is cleaned thoroughly. That means disinfecting laptops by cleaning the keyboards, screens and vents with cleaning wipes and compressed air. That means wiping down the outsides of desktop computers with disinfecting wipes and blowing them out with compressed air. iPhones and iPads get a similar cleaning when going in for repair.
  2. Once the repair is finished, the completed items are kept separate from the items that are waiting for repair. This way, there are no contaminants that could pass from non-repaired items and repaired items waiting to be picked up.

This has always been our procedure from the very beginning. This isn’t something new that we started to cash in on the popularity of the COVID-19 virus.

We take the well-being of our customers very seriously. As of today, we are still open normal business hours. If anything changes, keep your eyes on our Facebook page for updates.