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Fixing broken computer screens, plus tips on how to avoid them

Fixing broken computer screens, plus tips on how to avoid them

Although they are built to withstand the rigorousness of daily use, computer screens are actually very fragile. New innovations have led to thinner screens over the years, leading to screens of less than ¼ inch thick. If poked, twisted, scratched, or if just enough pressure is applied directly or indirectly on the screen, it might break. And the biggest pain about this is that it happens unintentionally, and when you least expect it.

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How it happens

Computer screens do not crack the same way. It happens differently depending on what caused the damage. While you might feel or see the damage on some broken computer screens, you might not see or feel the damage on others until the computer is powered up. A qualified computer repair in Decatur, Al specialist can even tell whether the broken screen was as a result of dropping the computer or applying pressure on it after surveying the damage.

Broken computer screen? Here’s how you could have avoided the damage

In virtually all cases, the computer screen won’t break in shards as we see with Smartphone screens. There will appear to be a black blob radiating outwards from the point of impact.

Here are tips on how to protect your screen from damage:

  • Carrying laptops

While desktops may not ever leave a station, laptop devices are always being moved from one place to the next. This is what makes them more susceptible to screen damage and people have to get them repaired (check out here for laptop repair), often happening whilst on the move.

Computer repair in Decatur, Al Specialists recommend that you protect your laptop device by always carrying it in a padded bag. This ensures that your device is always protected from the hurdles of travel.

You should also avoid placing heavy objects on the carrier bag, as well as putting rough objects in the same carrier bag as your laptop. If you are traveling with the laptop, avoid packing your laptop with the rest of the luggage.

  • Always be aware of the whereabouts of your device

You are less likely of unsuspectingly damaging the screen of your computer if you are always aware of its whereabouts so as not to sit or sleep on it. If you are the type of person who enjoys using the computer before sleep, always avoid going to sleep before shutting it down and putting it away from the bed.

  • Lifting computer devices

Try not to lift external monitors and laptops by the corner of the screen.

Technicians specializing in Computer repair in Decatur, Al recommend that you always pick desktop monitors up while holding them at the bottom. In no case should you lift your laptop device by its screen.

Fixing your broken computer screen

If your laptop’s screen display becomes defective, you have several options. You can fix it yourself, consult computer repair in Decatur, Al services, attach it to an external display such as a projector, desktop monitor or a TV screen, or buy a new laptop.

  • Attaching an external monitor

New generation TV sets are compatible with HDMI output devices. This means that you can use your Television set as your display in case your computer display becomes defective.

Computer repair in Decatur, Al technicians can also hook you up with a very decent brand new or second-hand external monitor depending on your preferences. In essence, an external monitor buys you time to examine whether the rest of the device is functioning normally before actually consulting a computer repair in Decatur, Al specialist to repair the screen.

  • Repairing the broken screen

If you are comfortable taking your computer apart to inspect the damage or replace the display yourself, be very careful. If not, then take it to the nearest computer repair in Decatur, Al shop.

When doing it yourself, take some time to inspect how the cables are wired. You can also write down the order in which you take down the parts so that you don’t find trouble putting back the computer together—most computer repair in Decatur, Al gurus also do it. So believe us (we also specialize in computer repair in Decatur, Al by the way) when we tell you that there’s no shame in doing it.

With most devices, the display is held on to the frame with four screws, and the frame secured to the bottom with 2-4 screws. Once those are unscrewed, you will see a ribbon cable connecting the display to the motherboard. Disconnect this ribbon, put it back and then power on the computer (this has been known to fix common computer display malfunctions such as screen flickering and minor laptop display disconnections). If this doesn’t fix your problem, then there’s no way to go around it. You will have to get a replacement screen from a computer repair in Decatur, Al dealer.

  • Buying a new laptop

Hear it from computer repair in Decatur, Al specialists, buying a whole new laptop just because of a broken screen is unreasonable. However, if your laptop is old, you can always go for this option and probably dispose of the old laptop for some cash. Most computer repair in Decatur, AI shops will gladly take in your old laptop in exchange for cash.


A Computer repair in Decatur, Al specialist can repair any broken computer screen and it’s actually not that expensive, or hard to find a specialist. In case of a computer screen malfunction, visit a computer repair in Decatur, Al shop near you for immediate assistance.