How to go about fixing a cracked laptop screen and services for Screen Repair Decatur, Al

How to go about fixing a cracked laptop screen and services for Screen Repair Decatur, Al

Introduction to screen repair

There is nothing annoying like having a cracked computer or phone screen. The experience of operating it while like that is never the same and sometimes you just want to put it away until you have it fixed. Some are so bad that you can hardly see the display on the screen. That shouldn’t worry you because companies like FavGeek who do Screen Repair Decatur, Al are there for your screen repair needs. A broken screen can be as a result of the laptop or computer falling down, being sat on or any kind of pressurized contact with the screen. Fixing such screens is not robotic science since some people are even able to do it on their own. If it appears to be such a hassle you should not fret about it for you can consult professionals to do it for you. You should not task yourself into replacing a broken laptop or smart phone screen because you could extend the damage to other parts and this could cost you more when it comes to repair.

For Screen Repair Decatur, Al, you can trust for all your screen needs. They have some of the best seasoned experts who are good at what they do. They have a wide range of computer problems solutions and their customer care service can be of much help. If your laptop or computer happens to have a warranty that has not expired, do not rush to fix it yourself if the damage is accidental and covered. Such can be repaired under the warranty period and specifications. The same case applies to smartphones and tablets with cracked screens.  If warranty is not applicable, then you will have to hire a repairing company or technician to take care of the screen replacement.

Getting screen replacements and other tools


If you decide fix your screen by replacing it with a fit one, you will require some tools to help you achieve that and you can get them at FavGeek Company for Screen Repair Decatur, Al. You will need a replacement LCD screen, a small bits variety screw driver, thin metal blades for removing the trim usually around the screen. The LCD screen set to be the replacement can either be purchased from manufacturer’s authorized dealers. The costs will depend on the screen. Removing the broken screen can help you to purchase a replica. FavGeek Screen Repair Decatur, Al Company can not only help you choose the best replacement for your screen and laptop type, but can also fix the same for you at affordable rates. If you are not used to fixing screen replacements, you can take a lot of time trying to put it in place but with the help of professionals, chances are that it will not consume a lot of time to have it in place.

Step by step of how you can replace your computer/laptop screen

Whereas there are people who would willingly take their computers to professional technicians to have their screens replaced or repaired, there are some people with trust issues who would rather do it by themselves. They need some convincing to understand that they can trust companies such as FavGeek, a Screen Repair Decatur, Al to do the repair for them. Well, here are some step by step tips that they can follow into doing it by the screen repair by themselves.

  1. Convince yourself if you can really fix the screen all by yourself or if you need further help. You can also decide to get a new computer all together
  2. Proceed to buy a replacement screen from an authorized dealer or computer shop because getting it directly from the manufacturer can be quite costly. Some online stores also have these screens. For Screen Repair Decatur, Al, you can get the replacement screens at
  3. Unplug your batteries and chargers and open the screen using small screwdrivers. You ought to be careful here to prevent further damage.
  4. Remove the cable attaching the monitor to the motherboard just behind the hinge area. Take off the mounting screw after locating it.
  5. Replace the screen and put back all the screws and covers following the order in which you removed them in the first place.

If you cannot trust yourself to do that, consult technicians such as FavGeek who can be easily accessed through their website for Screen Repair Decatur, Al.

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