Steps Laptop Screen Repair in Decatur, AL

 The laptop is a type of computer which is used in various fields in modern society. The use of laptops has dramatically increased as most individuals prefer them to computers. They are light to carry and also cheap when compared to the CPUs. Broken or a cracked laptop screen does not necessarily mean that is the end of your device. Much like an I-pad, the screen can be easily replaced. Nevertheless, a cracked laptop screen makes your device to be unusable, which can be frustrating and stressing.  Steps used for a laptop screen repair in Decatur, AL include;

Taking off the Old Screen

First, remove the battery by unplugging it from the Laptop, and make sure it is unplugged. By doing this, you ensure that there is no power going into the laptop, as it is dangerous to work with live wires and electricity.

Remove the Rubber Screws

laptop screen repair

Most of the laptops in usually have small screw covers made of rubber around the display to protect it. Next, you should use the tip of the screwdriver or a pin to see the screws of the rubber.

 Some laptops will have the screws in the side of the display. Detach the bezel from the monitor, place your fingers between the bezel and the screen and pull it with your fingers.

Disconnect Cables Connected to the Screen

In this step of laptop screen repair in Decatur, AL involves locating the video cable, which is long ribbon cable at the back screen. Remove the tape and unplug the connector from the end of the display.

Then, remove the laptop screen. Now that the bezel and the cables have been removed, the screen should be loose in a frame. Place the screen on a flat surface to examine it later.

Putting on the New Screen

Check the Labels on the Display and the Model Number

Naturally, there should be a label at the bar of the screen to show its code number and the manufactures model at Decatur, AL.

 The code number and manufactures model helps find the right replacement for your laptop screenrepair. After knowing the specifications for your laptop, you should buy a your fingers which matches the labels to fityour device correctly.

Place the Display on the Metal Frame of the Laptop.

laptop screen repair

It is a step of laptop screen reparation at Decatur, AL which requires a lot of care.You set the display in place.You should ensure that it is in the right order and slides easily into the frame.

Reconnect the Cables to the New Monitor

It is the last step of laptop display repair in Decatur, AL. By use of your fingers, carefully attach the video cable and the power cable onto the back of the new monitor. It is important that the wires are secureand fit properly onto the new display.

After connecting the cables, the other step is confirming that the laptop screen repair is successful. Put the battery back into the laptop to test that it is working.

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