Broken Laptop Screen Repair in Decatur Alabama

Broken Laptop Screen Repair in Decatur Alabama


A laptop is our most essential gadget for daily life, but when we face any problem, we become timid easily. Today, I will share what I learnt about “broken laptop screen repair” in Decatur, Alabama.


A broken laptop screen means not your laptop has been spoiled forever. It is a pervasive issue for laptop users which is frequently encountered. You need to remember that, there is no reason to be scared because a screen is nothing but a small part of a laptop and if you know the whole procedures accurately, you can overcome that stumbling block very simply and I came to know for the first time about “broken Laptop screen repair” in Decatur Alabama. If you to go any shop for broken laptop screen repair in Decatur, Alabama, they take approximately $90 for replacing a new display, and they may need at best 1 hour for consummating the whole task. However, if you can do it at home by yourself, the benefits are – you can save $90 exhaustively, moreover, which is most important is that – you will gain a new hardware knowledge which may lead you into a new path. If you need to know more, you can visit any laptop repairing shop for asking about “broken laptop screen repair” in Decatur, Alabama.


I will recommend you that, before opening any part of your broken laptop, try to figure out what is the actual problem. Sometimes the screen does not work for the graphics card. To ensure that your graphics card is working correctly and for making it sure, you need to connect your laptop with another LCD monitor. You can make a connection easily between them by using either VGA cable or HDMI cable. After joining your Laptop with an external monitor, if you see it is working correctly in the external monitor, then you might be sure that you need to install a new screen in the laptop; otherwise it can be said that other hardware, for instance, either motherboard or graphics card has been damaged.  This process is very crucial because if you are going to open your laptop bezel for installing a new one without dictating actual problem, you will merely squander your time and money both. The procedures I am going to share, it is not applicable only for some particular laptops, but it will work in general. Some laptops may require a different process for repairing a broken screen. You can also take shelter from an expert in Google or YouTube for further assistance. As well as, you can ask for help to any laptop repair ship about “broken screen repair” in Decatur, Alabama.


Now the question is, how you can find your exact screen for your broken laptop? It is straightforward. You can search in Google or eBay for, and it will be best if you collect that laptop model number so that you can confirm that, you are making an order the exact compatible screen for your laptop. What is more, you can also visit to any broken screen repair shop in Decatur, Alabama. Before going to start installing a new display, make sure that you have the collection of tools such as Screwdriver, Spoon shape thin metal, a needle and proper workplace for handling the whole process accurately. You can also purchase these instruments from any broken laptop screen repair shop in Decatur, Alabama.


First of all, you need to select a clean, dry table for opening your laptop. Make sure that, it has sufficient space for putting spares safely. You can also perform it on the floor if you think that, it is convenient for you but remember that, you may stay a long time for working so be sure which place is suitable for you. Moreover, you need to ensure that you have some instruments, for instance, small-head screwdriver for removing all screws, a piece of needle for eliminating stickers above of the screws, a plane spoon or other plane metal object which is thin for opening bezel from laptop’s case correctly and lastly, a small container where you can keep all screws safely.


Now you can start the main procedures:

First of all, you should confirm that your laptop is not connected with either AC adapter or battery. Now, if you look towards the bezel, you can see some small rubber stickers, and you need to remove those stickers using needle carefully. After that, you can see screws over there and in this step, use your screwdriver for eliminating all screws properly.


In this step, you need to use a thin metal object such as a knife type metal but make sure; it is not sharp at all. Insert it softly between the case and the bezel, and you may need to give some force as, most of the time, glue may use to connect case and bezel tightly. When you eradicate the bezel, you can see two pieces of ash colour metal frame used on the right and left corners of the display which are used to secure display indeed. Remove the screws from the side of the metal frames but remember, you may not see these frames in some small size notebooks. Now, you can see a video connector. First of all, remove the tape above on video cable and then remove video cable carefully. You may need to push a little bit but no need to be scared if you see it is tightly connected.


After that, you will be able to lift your broken screen and set there your new display and set all frames, screws as were before. But remember that, while you are putting the bezel on the case, you need to line up it accordingly otherwise you see some gaps between them. If you put it in the perfect place and push it, it will attach automatically.  If you can do everything correctly, your screen will work after switching on. But, if you need any help, you can see some videos on YouTube during the procedure, or you can contact them through the message. If you think that you need a good assistance, you can buy a series of DVD about broken laptop screen repair in Decatur, Alabama.


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