Terms of Service


Terms of Service

Under NO circumstances will FavGeek, LLC or Critical Technologies, LLC (henceforth referred to as “We”) be responsible for any damages to items including but not limited to: destruction or damage of device during shipping, testing, dismantling, installation of new parts, or reassembly.


We cannot and will not warranty any device that shows signs of water damage, power surge, abuse, or misuse.

All service rates and fees will be agreed upon before work begins. A security deposit may be required for some repairs (i.e. - software, special order items, custom parts, and gaming systems). Security deposits are non-refundable.

We will under no circumstances install software or operating systems that are pirated, stolen, borrowed or otherwise deemed as not “genuine”. We cannot warranty any usefulness of software. Software warranty, if any, is the responsibility of the manufacturer.

All invoices will be paid in accordance to Your account's “net terms.” If Your account does not have net terms, then all invoices are C.O.D.

We will add Your e-mail address to our mailing list to receive special promotions and alerts, and will never be sold to, accessed by, or used by a third party.

Removal of viruses and malware that have integrated themselves into Your system could potentially destroy data and corrupt your operating system, which can result in the loss of irreplaceable, priceless data. As a precaution, You should always perform a backup of all data before any type of repair. You agree that We are faultless in the event of data loss. All problems that arise from virus or malware removal may be billed as a separate issue, if said viruses or the removal thereof causes latent, hidden, or new issues to appear.

All invoices must be paid before equipment will be released, unless Your company has net terms. Any equipment not picked up by You within thirty days of repair may be sold to cover repair costs.

If You agree that We may install and utilize the “Rescue Me” feature, You understand that We will be granted unrestricted access to Your computer for the duration of the session. If granting unattended access, You understand that We can disconnect and reconnect to the session until the time frame that You have specified expires. You also agree that We have permission to “Preauthorize” your credit or debit card for the full service amount before work begins if necessary. If We are unsuccessful in performing the repairs specified in this service request, Your credit or debit card will not be charged. If using Paypal for payment, the service fee will be refunded to You, minus the transaction fees charged by Paypal.

Warranty Information

All hardware repairs carry a 60-day warranty unless otherwise stated in an extended warranty agreement. Viruses, spyware & malware removal is not warrantied. All warranties will be considered void if any of the following are present: abuse, misuse, neglect, water damaged, or tampering with the warranty seal. If for any reason an item needs to be returned to FavGeek, LLC or Critical Technologies, LLC for warranty repair, the customer will be responsible for shipping. If your device fails in the warranty period and We deem that the device will be covered under warranty, it will be at our discretion to preform one of the following: repair the defective item, replace the defective item, or refund the original repair cost minus any diagnostic or labor fees.


No cash refunds over $50. All non-cash refunds are issued by company check from the FavGeek, LLC. corporate office. No refunds on labor.

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